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Archived News and Updates for 2000

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1998/99 archive
12/29/00 We have a new banner (created by J.P. Bergman - thanks)! You can now use it to link back to our site. To see it click here.
12/26/00 New record reviews have been added to the Musick section including Death In June, Current 93 and Ostara.
12/24/00 The Back Issue Vol. 3, #1 has sold out. Photo copies are available for those interested.
12/23/00 Happy St. Dagobert's Day! Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice will be on the Bob Heironimus Show, Thursday the 11th of January, 10 p.m. Eastern. You can listen on-line at the 21st Century Radio website.

Also check out Tracy live today from 10-11 a.m (eastern), on 'Expanding Awareness" with Victor Enckus on Boston Radio WZBC 90.3 F.M.

12/05/00 Tracy Twyman will be appearing on the radio on St. Dagobert's Day, Saturday, Dec. 23. from 10-11 a.m, on 'Expanding Awareness" with Victor Enckus on Boston Radio WZBC 90.3 F.M. You can listen live here.
12/01/00 The Meet the Staff page has been added. Here you can find some brief biographies, pictures and e-mail addresses of the Dagobert's Revenge staff.

11/28/00 Two new audio cassettes, "Lucifer's Servants" and "Secrets of the Brotherhood Unveiled" are for sale on the Order Page.
11/26/00 There has been a major overhaul and we now have the Dagobert's Revenge Book Store. Read book reviews and purchase books from Amazon.com
11/19/00 Tracy Twyman was on Cross Culture w/ Bob Karnes last Friday. On 11/24 he'll be talking about the interview and playing music relating to royalty. You can listen from 6-8pm eastern at their website.

11/06/00 We now have a T-Shirt for sale check the order page for details.
11/04/00 New pictures have been added from Boyd Rice and Tracy Twyman's trip to Rennes-le-Chateau.

Also catch Tracy on WEBR Radio the 17th of November from 6-8 eastern. You can listen on-line at their website.

10/31/00 Long Live Death, a new website dedicated to Boyd Rice opens today. Long Live Death - Boyd Rice.NON

10/29/00 Five new in-depth book reviews were added to the Recommended Reading section.

10/27/00 Orders are now being taken for the new issue, Vol. 3 #2, of Dagobert's Revenge. Shipping begins November 20th. Ordering details here.

Several new in-depth book reviews have been added to the Recommended Reading section.

10/20/00 Tracy Twyman will be on WPRB Radio 103.3 FM in the NY/NJ area 3-6pm eastern on Oct. 31st. You can listen on-line at their website.

10/13/00 Boyd Rice and Tracy Twyman have returned from Rennes-le-Chateau. Click here for some pictures.

09/21/00 The entire interview with Boyd Rice has been added as well as interviews with Douglas P. of Death In June, and Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots, Garm of Ulver and Denny from Sophia Run.

09/17/00 New articles have been added to the articles page.
08/07/00 We have a new guestbook. Feel free to leave us your comments.

07/22/00 The article Jean Cocteau: Man of God has been updated to it's intended form: Themes of Spirituality and Occultism in the Work of Jean Cocteau, check it out at the articles page.

07/14/00 The Recommended Reading section has been updated with in-depth bookreviews. You can now purchase books from Amazon.com directly from our website.

07/13/00 The FAQ section is being updated, it should be back up withing a few days.

07/11/00 Some articles were added today click here to check them out. More will be coming soon.

06/25/00 You can now use your credit card to order Dagobert's Revenge online.

06/22/00 Our new site www.dagobertsrevenge.com will be up and running soon!

03/04/00 New articles have been added, click here to check them out.

02/14/00 The Tracy Twyman/Boyd Rice interview is going to air Friday Febuary 18th.

02/02/00 The taping for the Bob Larson show has been moved to Feb 14th. No word yet on when it will air.

01/26/00 Editor, Tracy Twyman along with Boyd Rice will be guests on the Bob Larson show Febuary 1st 11am eastern.

01/02/00 The Links section has been updated a bit, e-mail me your URL to be added to the list.

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1998/99 archive