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The Illustrated Golden Bough
by Sir James George Frazer
A skeptical psychological study of the nature of the religious impulse, specifically magic and superstition, written by an well-accomplished anthropologist from the turn of the century. Explains the bases for many common beliefs and practices, such as "sympathetic magic", "tree worship" and "the transference of evil." Great pictures.
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Interpretation of Dreams
Sigmund Freud
His most famous work. An interesting study and analysis from a man who had a single explanation for all psychological phenomena.
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Moses and Monotheism
by Sigmund Freud
This book presents the psychoanalyst's theory that Moses was a priest and a vizier in Egypt under the reign of the Pharaoh Ahknaton, who instituted a short-lived monotheistic worship of the sun-god Aton, and whose androgynous appearance caused people to speculate that he had actually achieved hermaphroditism through alchemical transmutation. Freud believed that the Jewish religion was first introduced not by Adam or Abraham, but by Moses, and was based on the religion that he had practiced while serving under Ahknaton. Freud even says that many Jewish customs, such as circumcision, originated in Egypt. Compelling and convincing.
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The Legends of the Jews Volumes I and II
by Louis Ginsberg
The first two volumes to be reprinted of this classic seven-volume set. This will be an irreplaceable addition to any Dagobert’s Revenge reader’s research library. Within these books one will find just about every apocryphal and cabbalistic Jewish myth imaginable, giving fuller descriptions and explanations of events described in the Old Testament, the details of which will absolutely blow your mind. Events that take up just a few paragraphs in the canonized Bible here take up massive chapters, and there are also many numerous stories in these books that are absent from the Bible entirely. Some of the amazing "facts" to be revealed in these volumes will be described below.
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Aion: Researches Into the Phenomenology of the Self
by Carl Jung
This is perhaps one of Jung’s most valuable works from the perspective of Grail research, from a man who admits to maintaining a life-long fascination with the subject. This book explores the universal, archetypal symbolism of the fish and water as it relates to the Grail, the Christ mythos, alchemy, and the inner self. Some of the most fascinating information in this volume comes from rabbinical, cabbalistic, and apocryphal sources, for instance, the tradition that Leviathan is Yahweh’s darker brother, his shadow self, or that Leviathan and Behemoth were originally the two fish of the astrological sign of Pisces, symbolizing Christ and Satan as twin brothers locked in eternal conflict. There is even a tradition that Leviathan will be chopped up and served as a Eucharistic meal at the end of the world, after the Messiah ben David (Christ) wins the battle against Messiah ben Joseph (the Anti-Christ.) Jung finds it significant that the Christian era took place during the Age of Pisces, which is followed by another water sign, our own Age of Aquarius, in which a new spiritual paradigm will be initiated. There is also some interesting information about an alchemical fish, the Stella Maris (Star of the Sea), which embodies the magical principle of the union of fire and water. "This fish was said to be hot and burning, and to consume as with fire everything it touched in the sea... This fish... burns, but gives no light."

There is a lot of good stuff in here regarding Pole symbolism, the Center of the Earth, and the alchemical significance of magnetism, all of which are said to be symbolized by the fish as well. Writes Jung: "In the Pole is found the heart of Mercurius, ‘which is the true fire in which the Lord has his rest. He who journeys through this great and wide sea may ... guide his course by the sight of the North Star, which our Magnet will cause to appear unto you.’" This is called the "Magnet of the Wise" by the alchemists, and Jung quotes another author named Donn who writes: "The magnetic stone teaches us, for in it the power of the magnetizing and attracting iron is not seen [with the eyes]; it is a spirit hidden within, not perceptible to the sense." This is related to the "prima materia", the raw matter that is transformed into alchemical gold, and this is also called the "white magnesia."

Chapters in this book include The Sign of the Fishes, The Historical Ambivalence of the Fish Symbol, The Fish in Alchemy, and The Alchemical Interpretation of the Fish, to name but a few of the most interesting ones. This book is essential for all those who wish to understand the water, fish and Grail imagery so often explored within the pages of Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine.

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Man and His Symbols
by Carl G. Jung
Freud's best buddy. An excellent look at archetypes from the man who invented the theory of archetypes. Contains some great religious art.
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The Sea - Myths and Legends
by Angelo S. Rappaport
Written in that distinguished, scholarly style of the 1920s, this is a wonderful reference book for those interested in the world’s myriad of tales of sea-monsters, mermaids, lost phantom ships, enchanted islands, sunken cities and other strange phenomena, such as St. Elmo’s fire. Rappaport is a traveler, and a lot of these stories he acquired by actually talking to sailors from around the world. Some of the most fascinating ones include the stories of Leviathan, the Melusine (a serpentine mermaid said to be a member of the Angevin family, and the Demon Asmodeus, who is said here to have come out of the Red Sea in order to assist in the building of Solomon’s Temple, and also to have brought about the plagues of Egypt which allowed the Israelites to escape from captivity. Equally interesting are the numerous versions of the tale of the "Devil’s Salt Grinder", which is said to provide the ocean with its saline content, straight from Hell. This book is delightful, and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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