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Beyond Good & Evil
by Fredriche Nietzche
An excuse for moral relativity by the 19th century's most on-target philosopher. It's hard to argue with someone who's so right, even if he is an elitist bastard (or perhaps especially.) Contains an embarrassing chapter full of "Maxims" and a horrible poem at the end. Will either tear you to shreds, anger you, or inspire self-confidence and reverence for the Overman.
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Ecce Homo
by Fredriche Nietzche
A self-inflicted ego stroke featuring chapters with titles like "Why I am So Brilliant" and "Why I Write Such Good Books."
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Thus Spoke Zarathustra
by Fredriche Nietzche
More profound philosophical insight. One of his best.
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Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution
by P.D. Ouspensky
8 lectures on consciousness and human potential from Gurdjieff's most well-known and accomplished pupil. Ouspensky argues that people spend too much time sleeping, even in waking life. He and Crowley had a fist-fight once. Ouspensky considered him a "charlatan."
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by Ulick Varange (A.K.A.) Francis Parker Yockey
Writing this Magnum Opus - 617 pages in length - cost Mr. Yockey his life. As a former member of the War Crimes Tribunal following WWII, Yockey witnessed some things that made him very angry, and was inspired to write a book about everything - politics, religion, philosophy, and civilization itself. In it he exposed the fallacies of Pessimism, Darwinism, Marxism, Freudianism, and Liberalism. He described the history of Western civilization - where it has come from, what it had become, and where it was sadly going - based on his analyses of the cycles of birth, death and decay that seven previous great civilizations on Earth had gone through. He diagnosed the West as suffering from an acute lack of racial and cultural cohesiveness, and said that in order to protect itself from the invasion of outside cultures, Europe would have to unite into a single empire. Unfortunately, Yockey’s enemies were incensed by the portions of his book the criticized the War Crimes Tribunal, and labeled him an Anti-Semite. He was arrested for traveling without a passport, and died in his cell eleven days later. Nonetheless, amazing his book lives on.
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