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The Secrets of Nostradamus Exposed
by Ray Comfort
A good book about this most anomalous historical figure, who "predicted" the future based on inside information from his friends in various royal houses and fraternal orders.
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Communion : A True Story
by Whitley Strieber
A terrifying true story from this popular horror writer, who claims that he has been abducted by aliens at various times throughout his entire life, and they did not always treat him kindly. Backed up by the testimony of his friends and family. Very believable. After reading it you will sleep with one eye open.
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Transformation : The Breakthrough
by Whitley Striber
Sequel to Communion, in which Strieber relates more abduction scenarios and analyzes them in the light of new spiritual insight.
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Breakthrough : The Next Step
by Whitely Strieber
Yet another sequel. Strieber seems to be running out of titles at this point.
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The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries
by Colin and Damon Wilson
Short investigative reports on a number of weird phenomena: UFOs, Atlantis, Bigfoot, Egyptian curses, the Shroud of Turin, Le Compte de St. Germain, Ascended Masters, time travel, synchronicity, alchemy, perpetual motion, poltergeists, psychic links between identical twins, Shakespeare, Joan of Arc, Robin Hood, and the mysterious occurrences of men born with perfectly-functional brains full of nothing but water. Also contains an extensive chapter on the Rennes-le-Chateau. Written with his son Damon.
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