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Maury Island UFO: The Crisman Conspiracy

by, Kenn Thomas

Sifting through the dust and slag of a peculiar historical event--and turning up new gems of information--is just what author/researcher Kenn Thomas has always possessed a certain instinctive knack for. With his new book -- Maury Island UFO: The Crisman Conspiracy --Thomas has once again added new perspective to a tale that has been retold many times by UFO investigators, though the dangling threads have never quite been pieced together, and conclusively sewn shut. (But what UFO case ever is?) This is not to suggest that Thomas has tied everything together at last, and arrived at a final answer to the mystery of what went down at Maury Island; first with the slippery sightings of Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman, then later during Kenneth Arnold’s investigation of the case, when the Men In Black apparently reared their finely attired heads, along with Air Force Intelligence and other assorted spooks and hobgoblins. What Thomas has done, though, is a very thorough research job outlining Crisman’s involvement in the Maury Island affair, and how this all connects--oddly enough--to the JFK assassination, and ultimately Danny Casolaros’ Octopus . At first glance, one might consider such connections as these the ravings of some half-cocked “conspiracy nut”, but Thomas’ research is so extensive and exhaustive that one is left with enough evidence to draw their own conclusions as to just what type of mischief the enigmatic Mr. Crisman was up to. Now, how many people do you know who have seen a UFO, collected remnants of same, and were also involved (allegedly) in the Kennedy assassination? (Not to mention battling Deros in subterranean caverns?) Well, Fred Crisman very well might have achieved all of the above, along with a lot of other strange undertakings during the course of his colorful career. Although the evidence contained in Maury Island UFO is not conclusive by any means, after reading this book one can not deny that Crisman was as equally mercurial as other figures linked to the Kennedy assassination--from David Ferrie to Kerry Thornley--among a whole host of other spooks and bit players who lurked in and out of the shadows of Dealey Plaza and similar strangely infested environs, such as Maury Island, the home of the first modern UFO case, that may very well have been a disinformation hoax at the hands of Mr. Fred Lee Crisman.

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