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Kingdom Come

by, Jim Hougan

Review by, Tracy R. Twyman

Written by an acclaimed investigative journalist and expert in the CIA (he wrote the non-fiction book Spooks), this is definitely the most exciting and intellectually stimulating spy novel I have ever read. The lead character is Jack Dunphry, an American who sets up front corporations and bank accounts in London to launder hot money while at the same time spying on his clients for the CIA. Trouble begins to brew when one of the people he's spying on, a psychology professor named Leo Schidlof, is savagely murdered, his torso left lying on grounds that used to belong to the Knights Templar. Dunphry is instructed to return at once to CIA headquarters in Manhattan, leaving behind his clothes, his belongings, and his girlfriend Clementine. The story then launches into a suspense-ridden thriller, the philosophical implications of which are just as exciting as the action-packed fight and chase sequences. If the name Leo Schidlof seems familiar to you, it should be. He is the purported author of a chapter of Merovingian genealogies in the book Secret Dossiers, written under the pseudonym "Henry Lobineau." This mysterious volume provided the basis for the Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln investigation summarized in Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The real Leo Schidlof was a Swiss dealer in miniatures, and died in questionable circumstances in 1966. He was suspected by the American government of being a spy. After his death a briefcase of his that supposedly contained secret documents about the Rennes-le-Chateau was passed on to a courier named Fakhar ul Islam, who subsequently ended up decapitated on a pair of railway tracks for the Paris-Geneva express.. In Jim Hougan's novel, Mr. Schidlof becomes a modern-day character, an expert in Jung who discovers a plot by the CIA to "rewire the Collective Unconscious." As Jack Dunphry and Clementine leap into the jaws of Peril, they discover the existence of an ancient order called the Magdalen Society, obviously modeled after the Priory of Sion. As it turns out, Allen Dulles and Carl Jung had both been members of this society, and had created the CIA as a means for implementing their plans to "introduce new archetypes and revitalize old ones." This they accomplish through a number of "dog and pony" antics, such as cattle mutilations, alien abductions, and staged holy apparitions. They also want to bring back the notion of Divine Right kingship. The Magdalen Society has been throughout the centuries the keeper of - you guessed it - the bloodline of the Holy Grail. They have been working to unite Europe in preparation for the return of their scion to the Merovingian throne. To learn these terrible secrets, our hero has to perform death-defying feats, like penetrating the headquarters of an elite CIA subdivision, the Security Research Staff, and surviving a vicious attack with a nail gun. Most certainly destined for the big screen.

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