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The Deeper Truth
by Richard Russell Cassaro
Expresses in great detail Richard Cassaro’s hypothesis that Christ appeared in the flesh not just in Israel 2000 years ago, but also in Egypt 10,000 years ago, in the figure known to history as the god Osiris. Cassaro explores the similarities between the two figures in their teachings, practices, symbols that they used, and even their physical appearances, as well as, of course, the religions that were founded after them. Cassaro also shows elements of Mormon tradition that confirm his theory, and makes an excellent case for the postulate that monarchy was installed on Earth by God himself as the most perfect form of government. Excellent work, and lots of good pictures too.
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The Fall of the House of Habsburg
by Edward Crankshaw
Comprehensive background info on this most influential Austrian Grail family, nicknamed "the Hooknoses" because of a genetic deformity caused by inbreeding.
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Chasing the Heretics: A Journey Through the Medieval Languedoc
by Rion Klawinski
A charming and quite fascinating travelogue of a man taking a vacation through Southern France’s “Cathar Country”, absorbing both the modern culture and the history of the area, coupled with a vivid play-by-play description of the Albigensian Crusade. From beginning to end, he visits the locations of each important battle in chronological order. Learn all about the politics involved in what has been described as the world’s first genocide - the complete destruction of the Cathar people. Well-crafted, humorous and meaningful.
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Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult
by Peter Levenda
A mind-opening exposé of the occult impetus behind the Nazi party: the "Thule Gesellschaft", The List Society, the Germaneorden and The Order of New Templars. Contains info on the possible involvement of Crowley, Mathers and Blavatsky. Crowley, for his part, seemed to be playing both sides, and even had a meeting with Winston Churchill in which he "gave" the Prime Minister the "V for Victory" sign as an occult symbol to combat the swastika. The author is mentioned in the Special Thanks section of the Necronomicon. Read the Dagobert's Revenge interview with Peter Levenda.
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The Rothschilds: Portrait of a Dynasty
Frederic Morton
A fascinating incite into the history of the one of the world’s most powerful families, who have invented the modern banking system of fractional reserve lending and control of great deal of the banking industry, as well as other industries, today. Being on of the agreed-upon “Illuminati Bloodlines”, which traces itself back to the House of David, the Rothschild family is definitely something you need to know about.
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The Passover Plot
by Dr. Hugh Schonfield
Explores the concept that Christ purposely became the Messiah by enacting messianic prophecies from the Torah. It even speculates that he faked his death on the cross by using a narcotic drug (hidden in the vinegar that was squeezed into his mouth from a sponge just prior to his "death") that created a zombie-like state of catatonia, allowing him to "rise from the dead" three days later, as prophesized. This was accomplished not with the help of his twelve disciples, but via a conspiracy that included Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea. This book is excellent, and provided much of the central thesis behind Holy Blood, Holy Grail.