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The Guardians of the Grail: And the Men Who Plan to Rule the World! by J.R. Church

by, J.R. Church

Review by,
Lance Chumley

The host of a nationally syndicated TV show called “Prophecy in the News”, this authors accuracy at prophetic interpretation can be judged by the tagline that graces the front cover: “United States of Europe. 1992?” Note also the commanding, awesome figure who dominates the front cover: long white robe with flowing purple cape, Templar Cross (or what was meant to be one) on his chest, Merovingian bees on his golden belt, Grail Cup in one hand, Holy Lance in the other, demonic-looking goatee and LaVey-style pointy eyebrows, topped with a crown onto which is inscribed - in case you were unclear as to his identity - the dread #666, number of the Beast of the Apocalypse. I’d always expected an iron scepter, but a wooden spear will do just nicely, I suppose. The book itself, exhaustively researched with circular references, umbrellas a wide gamut of topics, linking Templars, Freemasons, Theosophists, Nazis, New-Agers, the Women’s Movement, globalists think tanks, international bankers, and the royal families of Europe, all loosely tied together with the traditional fallacious deduction of the fundamentalist Christian. Church claims that the Grail families, “The Black Nobility”, as he calls them, who are using their Jacobite heritage - perhaps gained through that much maligned Israelite tribe of Dan - as an excuse and springboard for world domination: the New Order of the Ages, The Evil Empire of the Anti-Christ. “One day”, fears Church, “a descendant of the Tribe of Dan will surround Jerusalem with an army, enter the Jewish sanctuary on the Temple Mount, commit the prophetic abomination of desolation, establish a throne on the sacred site and declare himself to be god!” Church dismisses any pretension the Merovingians and related families might have had of being Judaic. “The Merovingians claim of coming from the Tribe of Judah is not true”, he says. The lie may have been advanced because the symbol of Judah was a Lion.” Indeed, most of the Grail families do employ the use of the Lion of Judah. It is a widespread heraldic emblem, and the Grail families do claim that it hearkens back to their Judaic ancestors. But Church makes his claim on the basis that bees - a symbol co-opted by the Merovingian kings, were also a biblical symbol of the Tribe of Dan. (But why couldn’t they be related to both the Tribe of Judah and the Tribe of Dan? And if they were trying to cover up their Danite heritage, why would they openly allude to it by the use of the bees? Church even believes that Samson’s famous riddle about bees making honey in the carcass of the lion somehow points to this. He writes, “The symbolic nature of the bees could represent the concept that the descendants of the Tribe of Dan would one day try to bring about the destruction of Judah, and from the carcass of the Lion the tribe of Dan would attempt to produce the golden age of a world empire symbolized by honey.” While making his argument, Church drags the eagle symbol of Spartan Greece into the fold, pointing out that the Habsburg dynasty also employs the emblem of the regal eagle (as do most royal dynasties throughout Europe, and government offices throughout Western civilization, such as the U.S. Post office.) “In fact, writes Church, “that name Habsburg means ‘hawk’s castle’. The hawk is part of the same family as the eagle. There are 260 kinds of eagles. Furthermore, the type of eagle which lives in the Middle East is called the ‘hawk eagle.’ This may be one of the most important clues to tie their dynasty back to the Ancient Israeliste tribe of Dan.” What specious sophistry! He might as well go all the way and connect the Habsburgs to the Hawk-Headed Warrior Lord of Thebes! He then goes on to assert a Merovingian heritage for the Russian Czars - the same ones who persecuted Jews in the 1700s using the Protocols as an excuse - because they “came from an ancient tribe known as Varangians, whose symbol was the double-headed eagle.” He further backs this up on the evidence that the Russian symbol of the bear “may have” been passed down from the Spartans who lived in the Grecian province of Arcadia. The word “Arcadia”, of course, means, “people of the Bear”, and as we all know the Merovingians have long been associated with the Bear Goddess, Ardiennes. (Dagobert II was assassinated in the Ardennes forest on Dec. 23. 671, if you recall.) According to Church the Priory of Sion was organized “For the purpose of establishing a world government and providing a Merovingian King for its throne.” He then makes the leap that “the Illuminati is simply another name in the ongoing development of the Priory of Sion.”

If The Prieure de Sion created the Illuminati, then all of the things that the Illuminati is responsible for can be blamed on them as well, such as globalism and the New Age movement. Reverend Church links The United Nations, The International Monetary Fund, the World Health Organization and all forms of international government with the New Age movement and its globalist agenda. He blames the New Age movement and the conspirators who finance it for the growing popularity of things like occultism, paganism, spiritualism, theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga, hypnosis, meditation, biofeedback and “alternative medicine” - all means of converting the masses to the wroship of a false God. Church rightly describes the root ideas behind this fad mysticism.:

“A member of the New Age movement worships the mind, convinced by scientific experiments and his own experience that the universe itself is a great mind, which his own mind is a part of and can tap into through ‘altered states of consciousness.’ He believes he not only can move and bend and otherwise affect physical objects at a distance, but also that ultimately he can create his own reality with his mind.” He says that this “view on reality has become the predominant world view int he West today. This is true in science, medicine, psychology, sociology, education, politics and business.” Millions have been sucked into their evil design. Someone you know might be one of them. “They are professors in our leading universities”, Church warns us. “They are scientists working in America’s prestigious laboratories. They are government personnel in the Pentagon, the State Department, and other government agencies. And they practice witchcraft!” Church quotes from a creepy-sounding “Invocation of the United Nations”, drafted by members of our global parliament, one which Church fears may be used “to substitute for the Christian prayers no longer permitted in our schools.” This eerie convocation of the forces of international government reads:

“May the Peace and the Blessing of the Holy Ones pour forth over the world...

“May the chalice the United Nations is building become a focal point for the descent of spiritual force...

“May the consciousness of the United Nations become ever more at one, the many lights, one light of the self.”

He also reveals some odd facts about a little-known “Meditation Room” in the United Nations building in New York, something I have yet to see for myself although I live just minutes away. The room, which Church describes as “a monument to the All-Seeing Eye”, shaped like an overturned pyramid with its apex chopped off, is dimly lit, with the only illumination coming from “ a special lens recessed in the ceiling which focuses a beam of light on the altar in the center of the room.” This altar is a four-foot-high block of “strongly magnetic” crystalline iron ore donated by the Swedish government in 1957. Church believes this to be a “pagan” altar to “universal religion”, and quotes UN Secretary General Dag Hammarsjold consecrating it as “the symbol of the god of all.” Church then goes on to describe a mural at the front of the room made by Bo Beskow, “an old friend of Dag Hammerskjold”, containing 22 triangles clustered around a circle which Church believes represents the All-Seeing Eye. “There is a vertical line down the center of the mural with waving lines around it”, which he believes to represent the Tree of Life. Says Church, the mural was made to “give a feeling of space, of the void - in effect, to extend the room further out to another dimension.” Church then goes on the opine that the room is “anothar attempt at the modern Tower of Babel. ..Oddly enough, the modern Tower of Babel and New York City have been referred to as Babylon on the Budson.” This of course is something I have never heard of before. Church goes to the trouble to numerologize the words ‘New York’ with a cipher which makes the letter values add up to 666. He also finds significance in the fact that there’s a city called “Babylon” off the coast of Long Island.) He therefore equates the State of New York with the consort The Great Beast, whom the Bible refers to as “Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth”, and whom Church also equates with Isis and Mary Magdalen that harlot who bred Jesus to create the demonic Grail families. “We are told in Revelation 17 of a woman guiding the governments of the world - and in her hand was seen a golden cup. It may well represent what I consider to be the Unholy blood and the Unholy grail” He then finds evidence for his thesis in one of our most cherished national symbols - The Statue of Liberty. I do not wish to sound unpatriotic, but a century ago the Frenchman, Auguste Bartholdi, built a statue and placed it in New York Harbor. Its construction was funded in large part by Freemasons in France and America. The figure stands dressed in a Roman toga - and in her hand is a golden cup-like torch. Could it represent the Grail? Does it symbolize the Magdalen bloodline enlightening the world?” Well, I would like to think so, but I am inclined to believe cynically such a thing is just too cool to be literal truth. However, I can see it representing Isis, in a Jungian way, and since Magdalen’s cult status is based in large part on her reputation as a personification of Isis, I can see that Reverend Church’s analysis may have an element of truth to it. However, Church goes on to reveal his true colors when he tries to link the Magdalen cult with “Women’s Studies” majors and the “so-called Equal Rights Amendment. Church believes this goddess-worshipping “Magdalen cult”, spearheaded by the Grail families, to be responsible for the New Age movement, which is a propaganda campaign to get us all to accept a global government and a worldwide religion of Luciferian Goddess worship. He calls it a “spiritual movement based partly upon the reawakening of the “goddess-consciousness”, and its real goal is matriarchy, not equality.”

Via the Illuminati, Church can blame the Grail bloodline for every political revolution that has occurred since its inception, including of course, the Nazi regime. “Hitler’s concept of the Aryan race... is one of the guiding forces for the New Age movement today,” writes Church. “His satanic group, which claimed descent from the ancient Knights Templar, became the Nazi Party.” He is presumably referring to the Order of New Templars, created by Jörg Lanc von Liebenfels on Christmas Day, 1907. The order, which carries absolutely no legitimate descent from the original Templar order, was rather influential in the Nazi occultist movement. However, as far as I know, Hitler was not a member. Reverend Church adheres to the theory that Hitler and the Nazis were actively looking for the Holy Grail, although perhaps through some rather psychedelic means. According to him there are two accepted methods among occultists of learning what he says we call the “ABCs of the Grail” - they are the “proper route”, through meditation, and the “black magic route”, through the use of drugs, which is the route that Hitler chose. (Anyone who ever heard of “learning the ABC’s of the Grail” before please write to me.)

So in a metaphysical way, Church practically traces every phenomenon in the known and unknown universe back to the Merovingian bloodline, and thus that accursed tribe of Dan, and ultimately that viscous, conniving female in the Garden of Eden who had the gall to eat that apple on the advice of that slithering snake who was the devil incarnate. That the devil can be traced back to God the Creator is beside the point. The point is that now all of the sex and the drugs and the devil worship, all of the Communism, socialism, liberalism, feminism, global economics, all of the Satanic science and philosophy which had lead our God-blessed country into moral decay now has a single culprit: The Merovingian bloodline. Writes Church:

“When the United States entered the 20th century, it was basically sound... Men were masculine, women were feminine, and both sexes were content with their natural role and God-given responsibilities... What went wrong? ... Our homes and families are falling apart... our schools and colleges spawn alienated, frustrated, venereal diseased pill-poppers whose lives are wrapped up in doing their own thing.” Indeed. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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