The Bush Family and the Brotherhood of Death

The Bush family’s deepest, darkest secret is not Prescott Bush’s involvement in financing Nazi Germany, nor George’s involvement in Contra Aid, or the October Surprise, or anything he did for the CIA. And it’s certainly not George Jr.’s cocaine use. What is possibly more significant than all of these is the family’s hereditary involvement, from Prescott on, with Yale University’s most elite secret society, Skull & Bones, also called the Brotherhood of Death, which meet inside of an impenetrable on-campus fortress called The Tomb. Skull & Bones, originally known as “Chapter 322” of a parent German society named by Anthony Sutton in America’s Secret Establishment as the Thule Gesellschaft, the same secret order which eventually morphed into the Nazi Party. (Skull & Bones has also been linked to another order known as The Group from Oxford University.) Chapter 322 was created in 1833 at Yale by General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, later to become Secretary of War during the Grant Administration. (His son, William Howard Taft would become both President and Chief Justice of the United States.) It was incorporated in 1856 as The Russell Trust. It’s members have come from America’s most blue-blooded families: Whitney, Perkins, Stimson, Wadsworth, Gilman, Payne, Davidson, Pillsbury, Sloane, Weyerhaeuser, Harriman, Rockefeller, Lord, Brown, Bundy, Phelps, and of course, the Bushes. Current members include Nicholas Brady, William F. Buckley, Russell W. Davenport (editor, Fortune Magazine), Harold Stanley (of Morgan Stanley), Henry P. Davidson (of Morgan Guaranty Trust), George Bush and George Bush Jr.

Skull & Bones is certainly an exclusive order. Each year 15 of Yale’s best and brightest Juniors are chosen. They go on to spend their Senior year as “Bonesmen.” They are required to go through an elaborate initiation ceremony, in which they are blindfolded, stripped naked, forced to display a ribbon around their genitals, placed in a coffin and asked to divulge the secrets of their past sexual encounters. They then are asked to pledge their loyalty to the order, a pledge that will supersede any oath of allegiance they may subsequently take, for instance, an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. They are forbidden to acknowledge their membership to outsider, who are referred to as “vandals.” Thus George Bush was asked during a press conference in the Oval Office if he was a member of Skull & Bones, he abruptly left the room. His son, George Jr., when asked the same question during a campaign press conference, brushed the question off jokingly without actually answering it. After their initiation, Bonesmen are given a special gold pin to wear at meetings, and are asked to participate in more strange rituals on a regular basis. These rituals often involve the use of a human skull, much like the old rituals of the Knights Templar and the Head of Baphomet. It is also reminiscent of the “Death’s Head” used by the S.S. of the Nazi party, and the pagan rituals performed by Himmler’s inner circle at Wewelsburg, which involved the use off human skulls as well. It is this aspect more than any other which has caused the Order of Skull & Bones to be labeled “Satanic” by critics, and indeed it is suspicious that members give themselves nicknames like “Hellbender”, “Barebones” and “The Little Devil.” After they graduate, members meet each year on the privately owned Deer Island in the St. Lawrence River. They also do lots of networking in finance and politics, helping out their brethren whenever possible. Some, such as author Bill Copper in his book Behold a Pale Horse believe that members can be promoted to other, more elite “branches of the Illuminati.” Cooper writes that “Only members of the Order (Skull & Bones) are initiated into the Order of the Quest and the JASON Society”, which he claims “makes up the executive members of the Council on Foreign Relations an, in fact, the Trilateral Commission as well.” Anyone who knows anything about international politics knows that the CFR and the Trilateral Commission are the think tanks with the most significant influence on the drafting of US foreign policy. In the past one and a half centuries, about 2500 Yale graduates have been inducted into Skull & Bones. About 500-600 are active at any given time, and for them, writes Andrew Sutton, “Honors and financial rewards are guaranteed by the power of the Order.”

“The Skull of an Indian Chief”

One of the most interesting aspects of Skull & Bones is its claim to posses “the skull of an Indian chief”, a claim that is now generally accepted as truth. And just whose skull it is may surprise you. IN May 1918, young Prescott Bush went on an expedition, along with five others, to rob the grave of Geronimo at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. This information came to light when in 1983 a group of Apache leaders began a well-publicized campaign to have Geronimo’s remains returned to Arizona. Someone from Skull & Bones contacted Ned Anderson, one of the Apache leaders, to inform him that the remains were no longer intact, and that the skull was now in a display case which could be seen upon entering the Tomb of the Skull & Bones Society. The informant provided Anderson with photographs and a copy of the 1918 Skull & Bones logbook, in which the grave robbery had been gleefully recorded. The informant said that the Order used the skull in some of their Thursday and Sunday night rituals. Anderson traveled to Yale and arranged a meeting with George Bush’s brother, Jonathan, who told Anderson that the remains would be returned to him. Then the Bush family asked the Skull & Bones official attorney Endicott Peabody Davidson to help them. Eleven days later Anderson was presented with a display case containing the skull of a ten-year-old child, which he refused to take. His request for the return of Geronimo’s skull has never been satisfied.

Anderson Prep

“In the 1870s, the death-worshipping Skull & Bones Society sent its alumni members back from Yale University to organize aristocratic secret satanic societies for the teenagers at the Anderson Prep school.” Thus begins one writer’s account of the unique extra-cirricular activities available to student at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, which George Bush enrolled in at age 12 in the year 1936, following his older brother. The Bush family had a very distinguished heritage. Prescott Bush had once boasted that he “could trace his family’s roots back to England’s King Henry II, making George a thirteenth cousin, twice removed from Queen Elizabeth.” So it was only the best for his boys, and Andover was one of the most exclusive prep schools around, built and financed by the elite families known as the “Boston Brahmins.” It was founded by Samuel Phillips with large financial contributions from Thomas Cochran, a partner at J.P. Morgan. The Headmaster was Claude Fuess, who had married into Boston’s Cushing family and whose vast wealth had been acquired through opium trafficking. The President of the Board of Trustees was Henry L. Stimson, the US Secretary of War, and also a Bonesman.

Traditional at Andover were the secret societies, seven of them, each of which had an official school advisor assigned to it. Each involved some king of torture and fake death in the initiation. The one George Bush joined was A.U.V., standing for “Auctorius, Unitas, Veritas” (Authority, Unity, Truth.) George was sponsored to join by one of his father’s business partners, Godfrey S. Rockefeller. The faculty adviser to A.U.V. was Norwood Penrose Hallowell, chairman of Lee, Higginson and Co., who was in a circle of bankers financing the Nazi movement. A.U.V. initiation went like this: The candidate submitted a pledge, which was approved by the school faculty. He was then given a list of rules to follow for the next week. he was required to spend each morning, from 12:30 to 5:00, in the cemetery, and to deliver a newspaper each morning to every member of the society. He was forbidden to wash, comb his hair, speak to non-A.U.V. members, or smoke anything but Lucky Strike tobacco out of a clay pipe. The candidate memorized the rules and then became a “scut.” That Friday night he was taken to a local drugstore and given a “scut sundae”, made from ice cream, oysters, pepper and raw liver. Later that night he returned to the cemetery, where he waited two hours for his future brethren to arrive. Then he was beaten up and locked in a tomb. The following afternoon he was marched around the town and forced to urinate on people’s porches. That night came the final initiation. The scut went blindfolded, in his underwear, to the cellar, where his body was smeared with dirt and flour. Then he was cleaned up and taken to the initiation room, where after a much more serious ceremony, the blindfold was removed with the words “Let him have light.” The oaths of the order were then administered.

The secret societies at Andover Prep were put to an end by Headmaster Fuess in 1950, after a Justice Department inquiry turned up the heat on its investigation of US corporations that were financing Nazi enterprises. This probe centered around the Harrimans, the Rockefellers, the Du Ponts and the Bushes, including the Harriman-Bush owned Hamburg -Amerika steamship lines. Prescott Bush himself was about to be named legally responsible for Nazi banking operations in New York. This probe would have occurred earlier in 1942, had not Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, A Bonesman and President of Andover’s Board of Trustees sent a memorandum to President Roosevelt asking him to stop the investigation. It’s good to have friends in high places!

George W. Bush

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