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Receive the Flame

Review by Steve Scarchasm

Recieve Another groundbreaking holocaust of eight extractive soundscapes, all stretching through various structures in manic manipulation.

Since the early 1970s, Boyd Rice began dissolving the most subtle listener of his inventive creations through the basic tape recorder. Now after 20 or so years, he still continues to create natural noises into the most transformed settings of abnormal instrumentation.

“Alpha” begins, shedding the drone of a guitar towards the mixing atrophy of an accordion. Every note spreads through it’s brief panning effect. Then, “Spectre”, is entered with a religious piano repertoire centering around drum and guitar percussions. Not very lengthy, but short enough to strap you into it’s nightmare.

“Everlasting Fire” and “Solitude” experiment with the eerie amplifications by accompanied panning collaborations, then bring us to the album’s most interesting track, “Monism”, with a beginning piano chord becoming more influenced by the reverbed sound effects and hideous drone screams, ending with a surrounded sound of the infamous accordion. Desirable enough to put you through a tour of the “Medici Mass”, which is Bob Ferbache on organ with the added effects of Rice and maybe the other two collaborators. Joel Haerthling contributes with brass on this album, as he did on the “Pearls Before Swine” song from the World Serpent Compilation. I still can’t distinguish all of the sounds on this album, since it’s so hard to figure out what sound is what.

The next track, “Sangrall”, is a very dramatic discharge with a constant sound of brass and swirling effects box burning. The remaining ending of “Omega”, imitates “Alpha” oppositely. . Being a big fan of Non myself, this is definitely a different conceptual release of noise from the previous, God and Beast.

Now, where’s the new Spell album?

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